Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Quicklook Plugin Database - The first project

yo! that's been quite a while since i had time (and will) to post!
in the meantime my Mac has finally arrived and I already had time to play with it a little!
Actually I had some problems with it at first because i got a defective iMac, the ones with random screen freezes, and i had some troubles to install the fix (basically i didn't know how)
However after a completely new format and reinstall like the WW (tm) that is the "Windows Way (tm)" everything run swiftly!

So now, after i've played with some of the new functionalities of Leopard i really liked the QuickLook function! It may seem useless at first but after you come to use it you really find it necessary! and one of its main feature is the plugin expandability (plain html)
however i noted that no site was fetching the plugins developed and that files were just scattered on the web! So what shall we do? here:


yep, that a site, coherently made with iWeb :D
I chose the template since for now they are very few (only 5 were listed) but i plan to use mysql and other stuff to make it more interactive along with the number of plugins available!
This post title is "the first project" because it's an original intent for Project Symphony: a collection of eterogenous works that cohexist like in a symphony!

Monday, 5 November 2007

Ulysses' Syndrome

Hey there! I'm celebrating the good result of the first exam of the master publishing the short movie I directed last summer (actually the shots were took in summer 2006 but we could only edit them in summer 2007)

This is Ulysses' Syndrome! happy watching!

stay tuned for the backstage :D

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