Wednesday, 25 June 2008

upside down Webcams? here is the solution for Linux!

Here i'm posting a resolution for a tedious problem that is affecting many laptops in the world!

Some laptops come with an upside down webcam, physically speaking!
then the windows driver takes care of repositioning the stream in the correct position, but this doesn't apply to linux drivers!

Luckily for all of linux people, we've found a solution: one of mine Linux padwan that goes by the name of Marco Argiolas lost sleep to overcome this problem (having just bought a laptop with such nice feature)! He tried every possible howto, many tutorials and suggestions, but what left in the end was to dive in the sourcecode of the driver and patching for it to work!

well, he actually succeeded! now, any upside down webcam using the uvc driver can see it right! he posted the patch to the devel mailing list, but while the devs approve it, you can follow his tutorial at ubuntu forums
in english or
in italian

i'll keep you posted with updates
in the meantime, many compliments to Marco ;)


Friday, 20 June 2008

GLE-MiPS stable and lots of documents!!!

And we finally got it to the STABLE!!!
this project has been already awarded with a fantastic 30/30 mark (equivalent to an A)!!!

grab it here!

and if you are looking for documentation, we have two options:
either the wiki page at googlecode's
or the scribd pubblication

in any case, i hope you find it useful :)

while on the subject of cpu, i'm also posting a report of an (unsuccessuful) project of testing the cache in OpenSPARC T1 processor; it proved quite too hard for us and so we had to stop at a certain degree
however it might be useful for people involved in research like this
written by Matteo Ainardi, Matteo Bosio, Salvatore Campione, Vittorio Giovara and Alberto Grand

while speaking of documents, i also found out why some documents in Scribd were seen just as like they were printed by Gutenberg himself! It's all cause of the T1 font encoding, that even if may result more pleasant in file version, caused several glitches with the online view! Now all the affected documents (basically this one, this and this) are corrected

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Firefox Download Day

Could we mess such an event???

Today is Firefox Download Day! Help this browser enter the Guinness Record!!!

official link
discuss in twitter

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Tiba overload!!!

And while one of our documents has reached the Hot List for (no particular reason :D)

our great and only Tibia provides us with 3, and i say THREE, new documents
what to say...
very very very good job :)

Monday, 2 June 2008

GLE-MiPS - second beta beta!

and we made it to the second beta!
Just after a couple of days we've managed to add
  • 64 bits extension
  • integer modulo/division
  • data cache implementation
I must point out that the 64-bit extension is partial, because it is just an addon to the current 32bits architecture; so for now it is useful only for working on 64bits numbers and nothing else.
For the data cache there is a very strict size constrain as it requires several thousands of flip flops and most synthetisors can't handle such big numbers.

So, if you want to take a peek at the source, grab it here!

All the projects here are under a Creative Commons 3.0 licence! You can use and distribute them as you like (just quote the author so he knows his work is not useless)!

If you wish to get in touch with me write at