Saturday, 22 December 2007

and from Tibia too!

wait, there is more!
Alberto Tibaldi (nick'd Tibia) wants to give you his own special christmas gift!

I'm not even sure on how to translate it, anyway it's about electronical and physical stuff, so way out of my bounds :P
but it should be foundamental to anyone who's studying those subjects! the doc is very well written, fluent, coherent and with lots of formulas!

enjoy :)

Thursday, 20 December 2007

just before Christmas

and here i am yet again!
this time with Christmas gift for everyone!

for the studying guys, i finally completed the OpenSSL - User Manual and Data Format and published to Scribd as usual! Actually i did so some days ago, but they were preliminary versions of the document! so here is where you can learn all about openssl digests and ciphers (sort of)

for the cinema guys, i wanted you to enjoy this special short about the Ulysses' Syndrome! Originally it should have been done with the guys of the first short, but then we realized that it was too big for us! so we put it off and started something else (that eventually turned up even worse). Later on i met some very skilled people with whom i was able to complete the short!
At any rate, before calling off this project, we shot some scenes with the guys of the first short, and one particular sequence of disastrous events was awfully funny!

and here it is! enjoy :D

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Saturday, 8 December 2007

some Latex finally!

so finally i have time and will to upload some stuff about the previous courses!
and this time we used Latex for writing documents (proud reason 1) and moreover we wrote in English (proud reason 2) so everyone will be able to understand our docs!

Alberto Grand was my group partner this time and we worked together for both the tasks pubblished (and i must say we made a pretty good team)!

so here we go with the documents:

Information Theory and Codes - Link
This file is the public (and clean) version of two different homeworks about Information Theory first, and Coding Application second. They were very nice to do as they allowed to understand many unclear stuff of the course, moreover the professor (Michele Elia) was very kind and helpful to us.

Computer Architecture: SnARM - a Snake game implementation for ARM - Link
And this second file describes the implentation details and general instructions for our version of the Snake game developed for an embedded ARM board (more specifically it was a NXP LPC2292). It was fantastic to develop the code and test it directly on the embedded system and the result was pretty satisfactorly! The professor (Matteo Sonza Reorda) liked our project very much and so we thought maybe it could be useful for other people to see our work, expecially for the display handling

Remember that this file is distrubuted with a Attribution, Noncommercial, ShareAlike Creative Common licence (you can read what this means here: link to licence)
so fetch the files here:
(i'm borrowing some space from the quicklook site :P)

what now? months and months of silence? well probably yes, but don't worry!
next time, i'm going to speak about OpenSSL ;)

All the projects here are under a Creative Commons 3.0 licence! You can use and distribute them as you like (just quote the author so he knows his work is not useless)!

If you wish to get in touch with me write at