Friday, 20 June 2008

GLE-MiPS stable and lots of documents!!!

And we finally got it to the STABLE!!!
this project has been already awarded with a fantastic 30/30 mark (equivalent to an A)!!!

grab it here!

and if you are looking for documentation, we have two options:
either the wiki page at googlecode's
or the scribd pubblication

in any case, i hope you find it useful :)

while on the subject of cpu, i'm also posting a report of an (unsuccessuful) project of testing the cache in OpenSPARC T1 processor; it proved quite too hard for us and so we had to stop at a certain degree
however it might be useful for people involved in research like this
written by Matteo Ainardi, Matteo Bosio, Salvatore Campione, Vittorio Giovara and Alberto Grand

while speaking of documents, i also found out why some documents in Scribd were seen just as like they were printed by Gutenberg himself! It's all cause of the T1 font encoding, that even if may result more pleasant in file version, caused several glitches with the online view! Now all the affected documents (basically this one, this and this) are corrected

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