Wednesday, 25 June 2008

upside down Webcams? here is the solution for Linux!

Here i'm posting a resolution for a tedious problem that is affecting many laptops in the world!

Some laptops come with an upside down webcam, physically speaking!
then the windows driver takes care of repositioning the stream in the correct position, but this doesn't apply to linux drivers!

Luckily for all of linux people, we've found a solution: one of mine Linux padwan that goes by the name of Marco Argiolas lost sleep to overcome this problem (having just bought a laptop with such nice feature)! He tried every possible howto, many tutorials and suggestions, but what left in the end was to dive in the sourcecode of the driver and patching for it to work!

well, he actually succeeded! now, any upside down webcam using the uvc driver can see it right! he posted the patch to the devel mailing list, but while the devs approve it, you can follow his tutorial at ubuntu forums
in english or
in italian

i'll keep you posted with updates
in the meantime, many compliments to Marco ;)



  1. But if I write in Italian should be good?

    Ma soprattutto si scrive così?

  2. Hey Vittorio, really thank you for always supporting me!!
    I hope you'll have time soon to work on this patch with all your precious experience!!




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