Thursday, 3 January 2008

Peer guardian 2 and Nintendo WFC

while in christmas holidays i had time to play with the Nintendo WFC!
I set up my mac airport, share the network connection and configure the dhcp (actually this was the most difficult part)
It didn't work! the AP was found and everything but i continuously got disconnected!
And the wifi was working as i tested the connection with programs like SvSIP (fantastic) and DSorganize browser

Then i remember that i'm behind a gateway in which is installed peer guardian 2 (privacy is important) and that poor guy is blocking the outgoing connections!
Apart from discovering that the WFC service make numerous connections to foreing server, like
GameSpy (nomina sunt consequentia rerum)
IGN Entertainment
Nintendo Of America Inc (well, that's ok)
and a couple of others, all this connections are required for the WFC to work, and so we have to allow them!
the problem is that nintendo servers are quite a lot! luckily there's this one guy, "fakhir" from the Phoenix Labs, who took the list of all the nintendo services and put it in one file, updated as soon as new servers are discovered

you have to add this url:
into the Allow list and things will start working!

actually for me it didn't work completely, because i had to add a range of ip server from ign (from to, but I'm sure they'll get them added in the list quite soon!

happy new year btw :)

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