Thursday, 8 May 2008

The three betas of my life

ok today i litterally had a cut to some of my lifestyles (namely my hair)
so i took the occasion to go somewhat extreme with the current sowftware i had installed!

by a strange stroke of luck 3 new betas of popular software was released out today

ok the last was hasn't really come out today but as i said i wanted to go a little extreme with new stuff and firefox2 was giving me some headache (dunno why)

the use of the Aqua interface for ooo3 and ff3 is really one big hit and you can actually feel the increased perfomance boost! Unitiy in VMware is still a little buggy but it can work fine and gives hope that linux support will be carried on by the vmware team!

with all these betas installed i feel like living some months forwards :D

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