Tuesday, 18 August 2009

oh well, SWARM patch for gcc4 will be for you only then

i really hate when abandoned software remains abandoned even if patches are sent for bugfixes and stuff! You'd just need to apply it, check it doesn't break anything and publish the new release! then you could continue keeping your software abandoned

SWARM is a SoftWare ARM emulator - nice idea - too bad that doesn't compile cleanly with new gcc4! i wrote a patch for updating all non-standard C++ apis and succeeded in having it compiled with modern compilers!
you can guess that the patch was completely ignored! i didn't expect full credit on the homepage but at least a "hey thanks, but not interested" or something!

since i don't like my work to be wasted i'm posting the patch here, hoping that other poor guys that have to use it can at least have it compiled on their own machine (instead of a virtual machine as slug as hell like i ended up)


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