Thursday, 10 December 2009

So i've adhered to TNES campaign -- The New Exposé Sucks

well the title says it all...
i really really really DON'T like new Exposé features under Snow Leopard.

i could stand the WOW SO APPEALING elecritic blue for the glow... some guys like blue, i too like blue, but under the windows? glowing? a blue rectangle of BLUE color popping out when the windows are placing? not on my watch...
anyways you can change it easily so it's not a big deal

what really drives me crazy is something that itook a little to realize: the windows placement!
OH _ MY _ GOD _ (in blue)
what effect is that? all windows in a grid? where is the piece of art effect that would resize and place the windows according to their positions? am i running a compiz plugin? is that some rejected Windoze effect that somehow got in Snow Leopard sources?

i couldn't believe my eyes! Luckily then i found some scientific grounds to understand WHY i wasn't really liking the new exposè: it has to do with usability and feel experience, read more on these two posts

and so i've officially joined the anti-new-exposé campaign (all blue) and i hope that you join it too! To participate, just write some lines here telling 'em how much you dislike the new exposé and want an option to bring the old one back!

let's hope in a future service pack... whoops i meant software update!

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