Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Breaking the Great Firewall

...breaking the law, breaking the law!!!

I'm in the main country of Asia on a work trip and I don't really like the censoring applied here. I will briefly explain how to use the Internet like it should be.
  1. Set up a computer with an accessible IP address with an SSH server (I recommend doing this while you are still in your country)
  2. Connect using this line
    ssh -ND port usrname@host
    -N disables shell input
    -D is the port which will be forwarded to
    username@host is your ssh server
  3. Go to Firefox under Options->Advanced->Network->Settings, select Manually enter proxy information" and in the SOCKS section insert and
  4. Enjoy your free internet
Now, traffic might be a little slow so I recommend using the Foxy Proxy Firefox extension and manually set the website that are needing it. This extension replaces Firefox proxy implementation so you'll have to configure it again by creating a 'New Proxy' and inserting the site rules like in the example. Don't forget to activate the proxy and Foxy Proxy itself in the main page.

By the way Blogger is normally blocked here, so you'll have to read this blog before leaving.

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