Friday, 25 July 2008

3k-cc BETA 1 released

After almost a month of waiting, it is finally here!
the compiler for the GLE-MiPS family of custom processor!!!! download here!

it is written in Java using JFlex and CUP and it is released as a beta as there might be some akward unexpected condition (have mercy, it was done writing at 6,30 in the morning!)

you know the site

1 comment:

  1. Now your next task is to release the stable version! :D but I can't read the source files :/

    And... but you at 6,30 in the morning must to sleep!!! Since the next week (e qui mi sa che ho cannato la grammatica di brutto) I will open Pidgin just in the evening, in the night I must to sleep...

    4th August, latest exam!!! Good Luck Koda!!!


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