Monday, 14 July 2008

QUATTRO 1.0 is out!

And here we have QUATTRO
a new microprocessor design for small embedded systems!

With only 4 bit data, it features a shunk down instruction set of GLE-MiPS 1.1 (from which all the code derived)
with such small amount of speed we can gather a nice 120 MHz processor, big only a few transistors (synthesizes completely on a Spartan 3)

You can grab the code here
and visit the renewed version of the site

Expect some lines for documentation soon :)

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  1. Ok, you are a big bastard! xD

    I must to write a post on my blog!!! completely!!!

    Now I visit the google code page for to read more info and I wait you on PIdgin for to speak! :D

    bye Koda!


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