Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Catching up...

Well, this the real first post of the blog, so I think I'd better begin with what I've done till now and what I'm about to do!

Right now I'm studying Computer Engineering at the Politecnico in Turin and as you could guess I'm fond of anything related to Informatics and Technology!
I also have other interests like Cinema and Filmmaking, Photography and Videogames.
I mentioned fimmaking and photography because I actually like to make both: you can see my photogallery in DeviantArt and my short movies on YouTube (links are in the sidebar).
If you wish to watch my short go here.
As for the videogames I'm a Nintendo consumer since I have almost all their consolles like the DS Lite or the Wii (the GBA only is missing); I just love its videogames and its continuous innovation!

One last thing about computers, I'm a real supporter of the OpenSource (and Linux) world! All the projects you'll find here are under a GNU/GPL licence, so that you can use and distribute them as you like (and if you quote the author, he'll be very happy)!

I think that's all for now :)
Bye and thanks for stopping by

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All the projects here are under a Creative Commons 3.0 licence! You can use and distribute them as you like (just quote the author so he knows his work is not useless)!

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