Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Wireless miracle

Something really unexpected happened just a moment ago...
one of my contact showed off about his installing of ndiswrapper so exited by the news i wanted to try it myself! You have to know than i never tried this because i have a very weird wifi card (it's hybrid with a TV/Tuner card) so the last thing i could think was having it run on Linux!

The first trials were awful, i took the driver from my vendor's card and repeatly installed all the version i could find in it (there were winxp, winme, win98, win2k) but no one was functioning! The more it didn't work, the more I wanted it run!

As a last resort i had a peek in the system32/Drivers section in my windows partion... guess what!
The drivers were completely different from the one i downloaded!
so i took the .inf and .sys files, put them in linux, launched ndiswrapper, modprobe it and...

[ 278.678923] ndiswrapper version 1.43 loaded (smp=yes)
[ 278.688265] ndiswrapper: driver cb55n5x (Marvell,04/16/2005, loaded
[ 278.688499] ACPI: PCI Interrupt 0000:01:0f.0[A] -> GSI 22 (level, low) -> IRQ 21
[ 278.689208] ndiswrapper (ndis_encode_setting:390): unknown type: 4
[ 278.689232] ndiswrapper (ndis_encode_setting:390): unknown type: 4
[ 278.689240] ndiswrapper (ndis_encode_setting:390): unknown type: 4
[ 278.689249] ndiswrapper (ndis_encode_setting:390): unknown type: 4
[ 278.689257] ndiswrapper (ndis_encode_setting:390): unknown type: 4
[ 278.689296] ndiswrapper (ndis_encode_setting:390): unknown type: 4
[ 278.689316] ndiswrapper (ndis_encode_setting:390): unknown type: 4
[ 278.689441] ndiswrapper: using IRQ 21
[ 278.965031] wlan0: ethernet device 00:13:d4:99:40:cd using NDIS driver: cb55n5x, version: 0x2000010, NDIS version: 0x501, vendor: '', 11AB:2A01.5.conf
[ 278.965056] wlan0: encryption modes supported: WEP; TKIP with WPA, WPA2, WPA2PSK; AES/CCMP with WPA, WPA2, WPA2PSK
[ 288.889100] usbcore: registered new interface driver ndiswrapper
[ 293.871970] ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): wlan0: link is not ready

Yeah! my Asus P5WD2 Premium Motherboard with Wi-Fi / TV Hybrid is now working correctly (at least the wifi part :P)
I've also edited the list page on the Ndiswrapper site so that everybody can gain from my experience! The Ndiswrapper team made a really good job! Now i want to try if i can get other devices up with this nice tool :)

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  1. hi,
    i found your this veeery old blog post while googling. no matter how i search, i could not find any working driver for this card (yes i have asus p5wd2 premium with wi-fi).
    I wonder if you still using this motherboard and if that's true, can you send me that driver?
    my e-mail is


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