Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Linux's Internet Connection Sharing

While setting up my computers I had my Windows server (i know, that's a contracdiction) configured as gateway with the Internet Connection Sharing system.
However, as i had to reinstall the Nintendo Usb Connector, I could not access internet from my private lan! What's the solution? use the iptable of Linux (in another pc)

I'll report the solution i used which i found here (look for the Redhatter reply)

The computers by the way are doing fine! One pc ended up with Kubuntu Dapper, since all my other version were corrupted (don't ask how), another with Windows 98 (i didn't have time to configure a 586 pc...), another one with Gentoo with Xfce4 (which positively impressed me, really); all these were given to my friends which were very happy to have a way to experiment their first Linux :) !!!
The last one is torn apart, made with all the spare pieces of the other pcs! It has too little ram to have anything more than the command line, so i think i'll keep this waiting for other spare pieces to arrive (hoping that the Gentoo system installed doesn't get old too fast :o) )

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